My second passion: gardening!!

You have witnessed some of my sewing projects. You saw the sudden Hat development… and have followed me with the sewing and assembling of accessories. These all come under the *Fabric/Sewing/Costuming* guise. I recently completed some textile sculpting, which I will discuss soon. But right now, I would like to share with you my entirely different medium of creativity: gardening. A good friend of mine asked me to *guest blog* for her as she was convalescing from recent surgery on her shoulder.

Koi early in June.

Koi at the end of June with waterlilies.

It took about a week but I managed to write a few days’ worth for her and here is where you can follow my adventures in perennial, annual and tropical plant growing! There willl also be mention of my pond. She told me she made 5 chapters with it. Today is Part 2. But here is the link for Part 1: I hope you enjoy it! 🙂